Yunnan Golden Needles - 90 grams tin


  • Yunnan Golden Needles - 90 grams tin
  • Yunnan Golden Needles - 90 grams tin
  • Yunnan Golden Needles - 90 grams tin

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An exquisite golden tip black tea from Mang Bai Organic Plantation in Yunnan. Very high percentage of golden tips - as you can see in the leaf photos.

High in polyphenols (anti-oxidants). Complex taste. This wholeleaf  tea releases its flavour slowly. You can be brew 3 or more times.

Packed on the estate in sealed aluminium bags, capturing the tea's freshness. Air freighted directly from China to Bespoke Tea Company in Mornington. Then packed immediately into sealed pouches as soon as we break open the individual foil bags. Fresh. Delicious. Very sophisticated.

Best enjoyed on its own.  You can add a dash of milk if yo so wish.


Water temperature:           90 to 95 Celsius    

Brewing time :                    1 to 3 minutes

Dosage:                                2 tsp / 200 ml

Drinking temperature:    55 to 75 Celsius

Chinese black teas - or 'red' teas as they are known in China - can be prepared in the western manner. Brew with boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes, and add milk (best not to) as you desire.

But we recommend that you brew the tea in small volumes as per the Chinese way. The first brew being for 15 seconds - the water is then discarded and not actually drunk. It just cleans the tea and allows the leaf to open up ready for the second brew. The successive brews can be for 1 to 2 minutes, or longer. There are no hard rules !

But please, sip the tea and discover its complexity. Drink it whilst it is around 60 C if you want to take in every nuance. Patience is the key to fully enjoying Chinese and Japanese teas.


It says here 'take your time before drinking Chinese teas'....





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