Yunnan Whole Leaf Green Tips - 40 grams tin

Refill Pouch: 40 gram tin

Delicate. Complex. Refreshing. A great organic Yunnan green tea.

Very tippy whole leaf green tea from the Mang Bai Organic Tea Plantation. Situated high - 1850 metres - above a valley on the China Burma border in remote south west China. The original home of tea, Yunnan, where tea has been growing wild for 4700 years.


Water:      65 to 75 degrees C

Brew:        1  minute for the first brew. Add half a minute for each successive brew.

Dosage:   2 tsp / 150 ml.

It can be very hard to 'measure' the leaf dosage with large leaf green teas. But do not be afraid to use a lot of leaf. With a gaiwan, half fill it with leaf. You can get 5 or more brews, so the cost is moderated.

Madam Helen Huan - a past colleague of our founder and tea buyer Tony Laurent - is the passionate owner of this tea estate. She conceived and nurtured the model sustainable and organic tea plantation. The Mang Bai plantation's tea crop is certified by IMO Swiss AG as equivalent to Regulation (EC) 834/207 and Regulation (EC) 889/2008.

This tea can be brewed 3, 4 or more times. Brew with water at an absolute maximum of 80°C.

To be drunk on its own.

Yunnan - the birthplace of tea. Vintage green. Enjoy.

The Wa people - experts in preparing rice wine or their native Yunnan tea.