Bespoke Tea Company

Providing advisory services along the length of the tea value chain - from bush to cup.

42 years in the global mainstream tea industry, in all functions along the supply chain; trading bulk teas; buying; blending; consumer product NPD and QA; sales and marketing bulk leaf tea/tea extracts; sales and marketing of teas and coffees ex plantation at origin; overseeing tea processing, QA and NPD on plantations; green leaf small holder price modelling; logistics from plantation to mixing sites; and other functions.

In addition, importer and wholesaler of bulk teas from Africa and Asia.



We are delighted to note that CVC Capital succeeded in purchasing Ekaterra, the world's largest tea company, on 18th November 2021 for A$7.1 billion. Brands include Lipton, T2, PG Tips, Tazo, Pukka, Brooke Bond, Joko and many others. And tea estates in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Tony Laurent acted as the tea and supply chain advisor/consultant since being engaged by CVC in August 2020:



Previous employment:

1980/07:     Unilever -  Australia, Dubai, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Singapore, UK, USA

2008/10:     Martin Bauer Gmbh/Plantextrakt - Singapore & Indonesia

2010/11:      Rwanda Mountain Tea Sarl  -  Rwanda

2011/13:      Harris Freeman Inc (Southern Tea LLC & Keith Spicer Tea Ltd)  -  USA & UK

2014 -         Bespoke Tea Company  -  Australia

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