Our Story

Bespoke Tea Company is a Mornington Peninsula based tea company.

Local but global in its outlook and experience.



The firm was founded by Tony Laurent, a passionate tea professional who joined the mainstream tea industry in 1980 in London, at the time the undisputed centre of the global tea trade.

Tony started his tea career as a tea buyer and trader in London with Unilever - owners of Lipton, T2, Pukka, Bushells, PG Tips, Tazo, Brooke Bond and many other tea brands; and also owners of tea plantations in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and India at the time.

Post Unilever, from 2008 to 2013, he worked with several leading tea firms:

  • Martin Bauer Gmbh (world's leading tea/botanicals extract and herbals processor),
  • Rwanda Mountain Tea Sarl (best quality tea producer in Africa),
  • Harris Freeman Inc/Keith Spicer Tea Ltd..(world's biggest tea co-packer).

Finally,  in 2014, after 34 years living and working in London, New York, Atlanta, Sydney, the Middle East, SE Asia and Central and East Africa - Tony returned home to the Mornington Peninsula....surrounded by vineyards rather than tea plantations.


The result is Bespoke Tea Company:

providing professional tea supply chain advisory/consulting services; and importing select Asian and African teas for the discriminating local Australian tea drinker.