Consulting / SME Tea

Specialise in consulting/advisory work as a Subject Matter

Expert Tea - supply chain, from bush to cup.

 Mainly working with multinational firms,

but can help starts up too.




Past clients include:

A T Kearney UK *  A T Kearney Germany  *          (advisory firm)  

Andisa Agri  South Africa  *                        ( agribusiness consultancy firm) 

Bain & Co  South East Asia   *                    (advisory firm)

Beroe Inc  India  *                                       (supply chain consultancy firm)

Boston Consulting Group  Japan  *          (advisory firm)

CVC Capital  *                                                  (private equity firm)  

Kingfish Group USA/SBJ Capital  *                  (private equity firm)

Kinrise/OzPack    Australia  *                    (f&b co-packers)

Strategy& / PwC  Dubai  *                         (advisory firm)

Tea Board of Tanzania   *                           (government tea authority) 

Unilever Indonesia  *  Unilever Russia  *  Unilever  Turkey   *  Unilever  USA   (FMCG firm)  

Wood Family Trust  UK  *                        (private NGO)


Current clients:      confidential