TEAWARES - Infuser - Finum Brewing Basket - German made tea infuser


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Tea infuser manufactured by Finum. Made in Germany.  Need we say more ?

LARGE version - suits mugs, cup and other receptacles with a diameter of 6.5 to 10.0 cm.

MEDIUM version - for mugs and cups  6.0 cm to 9.0 cm in diameter.

Provides a lot of space for the leaves to be agitated properly in water. We recommend this product highly.  Please, we beg you, do not use an infuser ball or any other gadget that squashes the leaf. Use an open topped infuser like this one. Very fine mesh, so you can brew any kind of tea.

Stainless steel micro mesh. Heat resistant plastic frame.

Our founder Tony Laurent uses one of these.  He likes to drink a wide variety of teas on his own during the day. They are perfect for drinking single cups of different varieties. Indulge yourself !  Muscatel Darjeeling one moment, Rwandan Breakfast the next...

Good for herbal infusions and coffee too !



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