Bespoke Tea Company

Providing advisory services along the length of the tea value chain - from bush to cup.

41 years in the global mainstream tea industry, in all functions along the supply chain; trading bulk teas; buying; blending; consumer product NPD and QA; sales and marketing bulk leaf tea/tea extracts; sales and marketing of teas and coffees ex plantation at origin; overseeing tea processing, QA and NPD on plantations; green leaf small holder price modelling; logistics from plantation to mixing sites; and other functions.

In addition, importer and wholesaler of bulk teas from Africa and Asia.


Previous employment:

1980/07:     Unilever -  Australia, Dubai, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Singapore, UK, USA

2008/10:     Martin Bauer Gmbh/Plantextrakt - Singapore & Indonesia

2010/11:      Rwanda Mountain Tea Sarl  -  Rwanda

2011/13:      Harris Freeman Inc (Southern Tea LLC & Keith Spicer Tea Ltd)  -  USA & UK

2014 -         Bespoke Tea Company  -  Australia


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