Rwanda B'fast BP1 - 135 grams tin

Size: 135 grams tin

Arguably the  best black tea with milk on the planet.

Rwandan tea is almost unknown in Australia. But Bespoke Tea Company hopes to change that and introduce Australian tea drinkers  to this amazingly flavoury but robust tea.

High grown teas grown at 2,300 metres and higher.  Warm days, cool nights. Slow growth.

This tea will blow away the English Breakfast teas you have tried. Great at any time of day. Not just at breakfast time !

We offer this tea loose, and the very same tea in pyramid bags. 

Water temperature:       100 Celsius    

Brewing time :               2 to 3 minutes

Dosage:                         1 tsp / 200 ml

Drinking temperature:    55 to 75 Celsius

Ideally with a little bit of milk.





"I know this tea intimately. I have been drinking it for over 30 years. I was the Tea Operations GM at Rwanda Mountain Tea Sarl from 2010 to 2011. And as you can see, I checked every detail ! From the quality of the smallholder green leaf, the raw material used for making the tea, to doing the QA tasting of the end product. We worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to make one of the best black teas in the world even better. And from the teas I have tasted, it's clear they're still getting better. Good for them. Rwanda has has some misfortunes. Good to see their tea finally getting due recognition" - Tony Laurent, Bespoke Tea Company founder.







Tony worked for  many years in the tea industry outside of his native Australia. 7 of those years were in Africa, including Rwanda.  Tony first learned about Rwandan tea in the 1980's in London whilst a trainee tea taster and buyer at the world's largest tea company.

Rwandan tea  always achieves the highest  price  at the weekly Mombasa Tea Auction in Kenya - where teas from hundreds of different African plantations are sold. The professional tea buyers know about the merits of Rwandan tea.

Our Rwanda Breakfast is from the highlands of Western Rwanda bordering the Nyungwe Forest, Burundi and the Congo. This tea melds beautifully with milk - bright and golden yellow in colour. The brightness of this tea indicates the very high presence of polyphenols in the tea leaf. With a fairly thick mouth feel, but flavoury in taste. Our absolute favourite tea with milk.

The leaf style lacks the style of a wiry orthodox manufactured tea. But without the granular Broken Pekoe 1 leaf style the tea would not brew with such characteristic body and strength. Most Australians like tea with a thick mouth feel and "oomph". But we like flavour too.

This tea is simply about the taste. Try it. You will likely become a convert to Rwanda Breakfast.