Hot summer.... time for iced tea

In the southern USA iced tea is a hugely popular drink. In fact 85% of tea drunk in the USA is iced. I've never figured out why we in Australia haven't taken to iced tea in a big way. The British influence maybe?

Right now is a perfect time to make a jug of iced tea as the mercury climbs to 40 degrees C tomorrow in much of Australia.

Easiest way to make iced tea ?

Make a mug of concentrated tea - add 4 or 5 tea spoons of tea to a mug, then nfuse with boiling water for 2 or 3 minutes. Pour the resulting concentrated tea into a jug. Top up with cold water. By only adding a mug of hot tea to the jug, the overall temperature can be lowered more quickly.

Place the jug of tea in the fridge.

When you want a serving of iced tea, only half fill your glass with the tea and then top up with ice to the brim. This is the reason why you want to make the tea stronger than normal when making the concentrate. It is going to be diluted a lot by the ice. And the ice is oh so critical !

Try one of our flavoured teas. Or one of the Breakfast varieties. Yummy. Thirst quenching. And much more healthy than a soft drink. And you can garnish with pieces of fruit as you desire.

Enjoy !

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